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Garden Tower Project and One Flower Project are teaming up to get kids involved in sustainability, nutrition, and ecology!


Garden Tower® 2 Makes Fresh, Organic Food Attainable for All

Reducing the physical demand and space required for traditional gardening, The Garden Tower® 2 makes it easy for anyone to grow fresh, organic produce.

Meet Garden Tower® 2

The fully-organic, vertical, self-contained growing system that holds over 50 plants. The environmentally-friendly Garden Tower® 2 features an integrated vermicomposting system and is made from recyclable, food-safe materials, providing you with a sustainable source of fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs.

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Good Food, Less Space

Grow 50 plants in 4 square feet nearly anywhere. The tower easily rotates to access your garden from every angle.


HDPE (non-toxic, BPA & PVC free plastic) components, FDA-approved dye and UV-protection antioxidant package for health, durability and recyclability.


Replicates a natural ecosystem, turning waste and kitchen scraps to organic fertilizer used to grow organic produce.

Easy To Use

Easily grow nearly any vegetable, herb or flower organically. Eliminates weeding, electricity, nutrient loss and most water loss associated with conventional gardening.

Grow In Less Time

In a raised-bed or typical container, >90% of available nutrition is lost below the root zone. The Garden Tower® recovers these nutrients and optimizes delivery to the plant roots for hydroponic-like growth rates without the price tag and difficulty.

USA Made

100% Made in the USA.

How the Garden Tower® grow more nutritious food in less space 

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Explore the Garden Tower®

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Our Customers Love Us & We Love Them!

Jodi van slee 


 I purchased my Garden Tower® last sept for my 56th birthday. I was researching on the internet about gardening. I was always experimenting with composting and I was also doing some hydroponics and container gardening. When I found the Garden Tower® 2 it was like the best of both worlds for me. I was able to compost all my garden waste and have a great harvest. I learned how to use it over the winter and couldnt wait till march.

Christian Wilson

Our students love our 2 Garden Towers® (1.1) and we can't wait to plant our new Garden Tower® version 2! We are growing strawberries in our 2nd tower using cinder instead of soil. Within 2 weeks of planting strawberry roots, we are already seeing flowers. We are located on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Patti C.

I ordered my Garden Tower® and when it arrived it was exactly as they stated. It was packaged very neatly and was not difficult to assemble. I really love my garden tower and have filled it with Organic soil and lots of Rock dust and natural additives so I can grow yummy veges. So far I have 2 family members who are wanting to purchase Garden Towers®. Will update later in the year.

The 2022 Youth Garden Grants are sponsored by KidsGardening’s generous donor base and our Sunshine and Seed Money sponsors.

A total of 50 programs are awarded Youth Garden Grants in 2022.  

This February Garden Tower Project provided $5,000 in equipment and supplies to program winners.

The 2023 Youth Garden Grants are sponsored by KidsGardening’s generous donor base and our Sunshine and Seed Money sponsors.

A total of 50 programs were awarded Youth Garden Grants in 2023. 

Garden Tower Project has provided over $10,000 in equipment and supplies to program winners, including direct financial support for

One Flower Project originated as a means to involve kids in sustainable practices by providing resources on pollination.

This remains a core focus, but it became clear they needed to go one step further— Teaching children about gardening at large, vermicomposting, soil, nutrition, and the need for local pollinators to create the food that sustains them.

We believe that a better future starts with educating our children.  Teaching children about gardening is critical because it builds their understanding of the world and themselves. They learn about where their food comes from and can understand how to fuel their bodies with the right foods. Education and access to a garden result in more food security, which can potentially improve every aspect of a community.

Since 2021, One Flower Project has worked with hundreds of students, homeschoolers, and camps by bringing kids hands-on learning with their pollinator-friendly seed kits and activity books. 

With the addition of growing systems from Garden Tower Project, we hope to inspire the next generation to become more aware of these interconnected, life-sustaining systems in nature.

Adding a vertical gardening component allows One Flower Project to enrich their work with children even further.

The One Flower Project X Garden Tower Project collaboration will allow us to impact more kids across the country by building stronger programs together!

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Learn all about the Garden Tower 2™  Composting Container Garden:

Get involved & get growing!

Get Involved!

15% of your purchase goes directly to support One Flower Project!  This includes Garden Towers and all other products.

5 Garden Towers purchased = 1 Educational Garden Tower Funded!

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Collaborating with the Garden Tower Project provides a vehicle for growing pollinator-friendly gardens while providing teachers with a future curriculum needed to teach kids how to grow their food, enhancing their mission.

"One Flower Project donated seed kits to all three of our 4th Grade classes and we expanded our classroom experience by purchasing a composting bin and a Garden Tower! We are so happy to see this collaboration come together. Every teacher can use these tools to enhance their teachings." - Brooke Endsley, 4th Grade Teacher, Manatee Elementary School

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